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Břevnov Monastery

The Brevnov Monastery has served as a meeting place for over 1000 years. Even the founding of the Monastery itself started (according to legend) by a meeting at the Brusnice stream. Bishop Adalbert Slavníkovec met with Prince Boleslav of the Premysl dynasty and although both powerful families competed with each other, here at Brevnov they started a collaboration which resulted in the oldest monastery in the country.

In Catering aspires to continue the tradition of hospitality. During nearly 20 years of its operation at the Břevnov Monastery hundreds of meetings, both working and social, have been organised here including: conferences and training seminars, corporate parties, company presentations or private celebrations and a countless number of weddings.

Where lies the charm of the Brevnov Monastery? The very location is imbued with a spiritual atmosphere, once you enter through the gates you feel as though time has slowed down. It is this peace and dignity that makes the Monastery special. Added to this special atmosphere are a number of important practical considerations:

  • plenty of free parking
  • accommodation in the Hotel Adalbert
  • popular non-smoking traditional Czech restaurant
  • 2 floors of lounges and ceremonial halls
  • a Baroque basilica suitable for weddings or organ concerts

And all this in Prague, only a few minutes from Prague Castle and close to the airport.

Please come and take a look. You are alwas welcome at Brevnov monastery.

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